Business Disputes

How business is conducted can result in unexpected litigation. Business is tough. Competition can be fierce. 

Sometimes your own people can get carried away. Sometimes they cross a line that you may not have even known existed. 

Juries can get pretty upset about conduct they feel is unfair.

The financial exposure is real, and as everyone knows, money can be a motivator.

Texas and Federal Courts will allow lawsuits to proceed as the result of a broad range of business activities.

Many are not commonly known.

Whether you have been accused of such actions or victimized by them, you don’t need to be making unadvised missteps, as the consequences can be devastating.

          People often tell themselves "that's just business" but sometimes it's actually illegal.

                      There are a number of ways to cross the line. Here are a few of them:

  • A large client is lost because of false claims by a competitor about a company or its products

  • A large transaction is lost due to false statements made to a prospective client

  • A key employee with confidential information is recruited away specifically to get that information

  • A large transaction is lost due to false promises to a prospective client

  • A major purchase doesn't do what it was claimed to do

  • Valuable secrets are taken by a competitor through theft, bribery, deceit or breach of an agreement

  • A major verbal agreement is breached

  • A promise to a company is broken after it was heavily relied on

  • A written contract is breached

  • Substantial work is requested and performed, but is unpaid

  • A written contract is not fully performed or completed

  • A key employee is encouraged to break his confidentiality agreement

  • Critical facts were withheld in order to make a sale or obtain a contract

  • A key employee is encouraged to put the interests of another company ahead of his own company

  • Claiming that a company is incompetent or dishonest to a current or prospective client

  • A company, or its way of doing business, is publicly defamed

  • A product line is falsely described or disparaged

  • An intentional misrepresentation is relied upon to enter a contract

  • Relying on claims of expertise that prove to be untrue

  • A key employee is encouraged to breach a non-competition agreement

  • An employee obtains a benefit from a company which causes him to take action against his own company

  • An important document is forged, altered or passed without authorization

  • A security agreement or security instrument is destroyed

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