Our Approach

    Your attorney owes you a fiduciary duty. He is required to put your interests above his own. This is the highest duty recognized in the law. You should feel extremely comfortable with your lawyer. We wouldn't have it any other way.

House Perron & House PLLC engages in both litigation matters and transactional services to small and mid-sized companies and individuals. We have substantial experience in major litigation, both commercial and personal injury. The firm provides representation involving business, contractual, insurance and construction disputes of all types. The firm has extensive construction experience and is well qualified to represent builders, contractors and subcontractors. We engage in both direct representation and insurance defense appointments. The firm is also well qualified to handle its own appeals.

House Perron & House PLLC is highly experienced in the prosecution of predatory business practices on both hourly and contingent fee bases in the Houston Area. The firm provides services to individuals and small companies who have unfairly suffered substantial damages which have been intentionally and illegally caused by large companies. The firm attempts to level the playing field by providing victims of such illegal acts the necessary resources to fight large corporations having essentially unlimited budgets for litigation.  

We can help you with just about any type of dispute, litigation, negotiation, contract, agreement or business entity formation. 

We do not accept cases in the following areas:  
   Auto Sales or Repairs, Consumer or Small D.T.P.A. Transactions, Civil Rights Violations, Divorce or Criminal Matters.Auto Sales or Repairs, Consumer or Small D.T.P.A. Transactions, Civil Rights Violations, Divorce or Criminal Matters.  

We have broad experience in litigation of all types of civil and commercial claims, real estate and construction contracts, as well as business creation and maintenance.

The purpose of contracts and paperwork is to set out the rules which will prevent litigation. Clarity is key. Though from time to time, people will be unreasonable.

As a result, we routinely handle complex litigation that arises from such disputes, our initial goal is to determine the most cost effective and practical resolution to your particular problem.

There are very often solutions to your problem which you may not have considered.

You will find us very friendly, candid and easy to talk with.

Of course, our discussions will be absolutely confidential.

Whether we are in the courtroom or the conference room, our mission it to meet your goals. Whether it is in contract negotiations or litigation, we have both the insight and experience.

We handle most of our work, including matters in litigation, on an hourly fee basis, charged against a replenishing initial retainer on a monthly basis. However, under certain circumstances, we will agree to perform litigation on a contingent fee basis, which is paid only when, and if, a recovery is made.

Mr. Joe House, Ms. Perron and Mr. Ben House have primary responsibility for supervising all matters accepted by the firm, which is located in Houston, Texas. Mr. Joe House is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Ms. Perron is licensed in Texas and Louisiana. Mr. Ben House is licensed in Texas, state and federal courts.

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