Contractual Issues

"Well drafted agreements are intended to avoid disputes, and can frequently avoid litigation entirely.

But if you find yourself requiring a trial lawyer, we are more than ready.” 

                                                                                                                                           --Joe House, Founding Partner

Contractual Issues

Generally, litigation is an expensive proposition; particularly contract litigation. So figuring out how to achieve a win-win resolution early makes a lot of sense in almost every case.

There are a lot of different ways to create an enforceable contract, both oral and written. Some contracts are long and complex, others are written on a cocktail napkin or in just an e-mail or two. No matter how complex the contract, there are typically many ways to escape its enforcement or diminish the penalty for its breach.

These are problems which are best dealt with as the contracts is being entered, rather than after a dispute has arisen.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen every time.

The overwhelming majority of contractual disputes settle before an actual trial. The closer you get the trial, the more you will spend. This means you need creative and experienced lawyers you can afford, and who can understand how important it is to resolve these disputes early and with as little fanfare as possible.

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