Defense Litigation

"Courage, experience and industry are essential to protecting you and your company from liability claims.”

                                                                                                                                                                   --Joe House, Founding Partner

Defense costs are often a company or carrier's highest and least predictable expense.

Knowing not only the legal landscape, but the subject matter is essential to the efficiency which controls costs. We are very familiar with with the nuts and bolts of the entire range of civil damage claims. We routinely handle vehicular, construction, premises, security, defamation, medical and professional malpractice and products liability claims. Because with know these industries, we avoid having to learn on the job at your expense.

We are focused upon avoiding surprises. Our decades of experience and our trial success make us extremely efficient. We know the end game. We see what is going to count in trial and mediation. We've learned that the key to efficient claims handling is an early and thorough analysis of the facts. This is enables a well thought out plan of attack, and also provides you with predictability.

We're paperless. Our firm maintains its database of case files entirely in digital media. Our information is stored with the use of cloud technology simultaneously with non-web digital storage to ensure security of the information from loss in any one location.

We're entirely digital. We handle litigation from case inception to settlement or verdict through purely digital means wherever it is possible to do so. This results in greater efficiency, faster task analysis and completion, and greater firm/client cohesion. The thousands of pages often required to be produced and reviewed in the discovery process can now be managed with an unprecedented level of efficiency through proper organization, but only by those firms who take the time to learn and invest in the technology.

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